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As a client, will I be asked to undress or to be sexual?

No. In my practice clients do not engage in any undressing or sexual touching. The focus is on self-awareness, communication and the resolution of sexual concerns. These sessions are not a forum for any form of sexual stimulation or gratification.

Are coaching sessions confidential?

Yes. Confidentiality is your right. Everything you say to me is confidential. I cannot release information about you unless you sign a document authorizing it. The only exceptions to this confidentiality are if: I receive a subpeona from the court or if you are in danger of seriously harming yourself or others.

How do I arrange a telephone or skype session?

Go to the link for APPOINTMENTS. Then email me with a brief description of the issues you would like to address, and times you are available for a phone session. I will contact you to schedule an appointment and arrange for payment. Please do not expect me to begin a telephone coaching session with you prior to making payment arrangements.

Can I just ask you some questions by email?

Unfortunately, email communications do not usually provide the depth of understanding you deserve. Please consider scheduling a telephone session so that I can offer focused attention to your concerns.

What is Clinical Sexology?

Clinical Sexology applies research in the field of human sexuality to the treatment of sexual problems and concerns. Well known researchers include Albert Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, and Shere Hite. In addition to using clinical practice to help individuals and couples, clinical sexologists often provide education to the larger community with the goal of generating healthier sexual attitudes and practices in throughout the culture.

Clinical Sexology Tasks Involve:

  • Listening to and understanding the sexual concerns of clients
  • Taking sex history and assessing etiology
  • Helping clients identify their sexual needs and pre-conditions for sex
  • Offering suggestions, behavioral options, and home assignments
  • Modeling communication possibilities
  • Dispelling myths about sex
  • Giving factual information and personal sex education
  • Referring clients to a physicians and psychotherapists when necessary

What is Sexual Enrichment Coaching?

Coaching can best be described as a professional relationship that enhances the client’s ability to effectively focus on learning, making changes, achieving desired goals and experiencing fulfillment. Coaching facilitates discovery by assisting clients in finding their own unique answers. Coach and clients work together as a team. Some essential elements of coaching are as follows:

  • Coaching fosters discovery and self-learning.
  • Coaching builds awareness and responsibility.
  • Coaching is proactive and responsive.
  • Coaching includes some form of planning and goal setting.
  • Coaching holds the client accountable.

What is Hakomi Body-centered Counseling?

Hakomi a method of self-exploration developed originally by Ron Kurtz. It combines aspects of Gestalt therapy and Mindfulness meditation with original techniques for healing emotional wounds. Hakomi involves the study of thoughts, sensations, feelings, beliefs, and meanings. It’s intent is to reduce suffering and bring about the experience of wholeness in oneself.

There are five basic principles used in Hakomi and two additional inherent principles from which I operate.

  1. Unity is the concept that everything is connected.
  2. Organicity refers to the concept that each living system has its own organization.
  3. Mindfulness is a state of consciousness that allows passive, non-judgemental awareness of present experience.
  4. Non-violence refers to the attitude of inclusiveness and respect for the inevitable presence of unity and organicity.
  5. Mind-Body Holism refers to the concept that there is a holographic wholeness to all aspects of ourselves, that the mind and body are intrinsically connected.
  6. Truth refers to the concept that I operate from the most genuine version of my perceptions, recognize my limits, and own my mistakes. I seek the most true way of being myself and look for what is possible and what is actual, and remain curious and open.
  7. Mutability refers to the idea that change is an inherent and absolute aspect of reality, and that we can choose, create, and control some changes, while others are beyond our control.