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Amy Cooper, PhD
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Do you yearn for a more fulfilling sex life? Do you find yourself wondering how you might have a greater zest for life, and a stronger feeling of connection? If so, you’re not alone.

Sex counseling can help you realize your dreams of a satisfying sex life. You can learn to unleash the pleasure you deserve. And sex therapy can help your relationships thrive through better communication and greater intimacy.

I offer sex counseling because I believe it is possible for virtually every human being to have a rich, fulfilling sex life. Sex therapy can help you solve specific problems that are getting in your way. Or coaching sessions can help you move from a good sex life to a great one!

I am very comfortable talking about sex. And I think I can help you feel comfortable too. After earning my PhD in Human Sexuality, I wrote, The Everything Orgasm Book (F&W Media, 2010). In all my sex therapy research I have found that communication is crucial to enjoying sex more. We have to be able to talk about sex if we are going to get the sex we want.



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