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The Sex We Want

Amy facilitates Open Space Forums on sexuality. Open Space Technology is a format for organizing large groups of people to initiate and conduct discussions on topics of their own choice. Rather than have "experts" lecture or lead workshops, Open Space forums put everyone on equal footing. You can propose a discussion topic of interest to you, or attend sessions hosted by other passionate participants.

The Sex We Want is an Open Space forum for women to share their experiences and desires. By gathering as women we can create a safe space to discuss and define sexuality on our own terms. It is always amazing how much depth and support women can offer each other in a consciously facilitated forum. We learn from each other, inspire each other, and thereby empower ourselves to experience the sex we want.


The "O" of Eros: Evolving Your Orgasms

Have you ever thought there could be more to your experience of orgasm? What if your orgasms could be more intense, longer lasting, or somehow more meaningful? This workshop is for men and women alike who are looking to evolve their orgasms and discover new territory in their erotic landscape. Come with an open mind to learn how to bring more erotic pleasure into your life.

Our Changing Sexualities: Women and Menopause

Is your body facing physiological changes presenting new challenges with sex and orgasm? Are you looking for support and ideas on how to keep enjoying your experience of your sexuality? If so, please join us for this insightful workshop that will focus on the experience that menopause brings about in women’s bodies with regards to their sexualities. This workshop will include a didactic component, as well as self-reflection and sharing in small groups.


Erotic Play: A Workshop for Couples

How much energy do you put into building arousal with your partner? Could your sex life benefit from more playful, creative, and juicy interactions that slowly build the heat? Sex is a lot hotter when there is a significant erotic charge between you and your partner. But it takes some creative thinking, planning and prioritizing to make it happen. Join Amy Cooper, PhD, sexual enrichment coach and author of “The Everything Orgasm Book,” for this titillating, educational and insightful workshop on how to bring more erotic play into your relationship. Come prepared to ignite your own creative spark and tap into the infinite pool of possibilities for erotic play and exploration. By the end of the evening, you will have a greater understanding of the kinds of erotic play you and your lover can enjoy together, in order to build the heat between the two of you and experience more engaged and satisfying sex.  


Finding Your Way to Satisfying Sex

This didactic and experiential workshop is intended to encourage people to examine their views, attitudes, and behaviors pertaining to sexual satisfaction and enjoyment. Participants will be led in some experiential exercises, invited to self-reflect on a variety of topics pertaining to sexuality, and respectfully share their views in small groups, as well as in front of the whole group. The intended outcome is greater awareness of one's sexual views and attitudes, as well as a greater sense of safety and trust in sharing openly with others. Topics will include your inherent right to explore your eroticism, learning how to openly and respectfully dialogue about sexual feelings and desires, and potential differences in sexual needs and desires pertaining to gender.


Discovering Your Lover’s Erogenous Zones:

A Workshop for Couples

How well do you know your lover's body? Do you know where all of his spots are? Do you know exactly how she likes to be touched there? When was the last time you consciously explored you lover’s erogenous zones? Your body is a vast expanse and a deep well, capable of experiencing infinite pleasure, and most of us have only scratched the surface of the sensual and erotic pleasure that lies in store for us. In this workshop for couples, Amy Cooper, PhD, sexual enrichment coach and author of The Everything Orgasm Book will tell you all about the body's many erogenous zones, and forms of stimulation that can be applied to them. Interactive exercises will help you discover and map out your and your lover's erogenous zones, and explore different kinds of erotic stimulation. By the end of the night, you'll have a greater understanding of how to give and receive more intense erotic pleasure and how to build more sexual tension between the two of you.


Past Events:

The Sex We Want

Santa Cruz, CA

Friends Meeting House


The "O" of Eros: Evolving Your Orgasms

Scottsdale, AZ


Moab, Utah

Sol Kula

Washington, D.C.

Secret Pleasures

Portland, Maine
Ottawa, Ontario
Montreal, Quebec
New York, NY

Our Changing Sexualities: Women and Menopause

Moab, Utah
Portland, Maine


Erotic Play: A Workshop for Couples

Seattle, Washington

The Sharma Center

Eureka, California


Finding Your Way to Satisfying Sex

Portland, Oregon

Lewis & Clark College Gender Studies Symposium